We are a community of impact-driven “idealists”, who meet, in person, once a quarter.

Our vision is to help everyone mainstream environmental, social and economic sustainability into their work – whether you work in a sustainability-focused job or not. We all want to improve things in our work, in our communities and in our lives. The idea behind the Idealists Quarterly is that we can help each other do that better – across the sectors of Tech, Policy and Sustainability.

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Who are the Idealists Quarterly?

We are a community connecting impact-driven people in Tech, Policy, Sustainability in Brussels and beyond.

Our aims are to:

  • Facilitate cross-sectoral collaboration & knowledge sharing
  • Promote diverse voices & perspectives and
  • Support initiatives from idea to execution

How does it work?

We organise regular in-person events in Brussels, attended by people at the intersection of Tech (big and small), Policy (EU, national, local), and Sustainability (NGOs, research, industry). Joining these events, you can look forward to inspiring lightning talks by a diverse speaker slate, quality networking and drinks.

How to stay in touch?

We furthermore run a community newsletter with insights and resources.

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Meet the team

Christina Wunder

Christina Wunder created the Tech, Policy, Sustainability network in 2022, which later turned into the Idealists Quarterly community.

Christina is a sustainability and climate communication specialist with a passion for tech, data and artificial intelligence. In over 10 years working at the meeting point of politics, technology and their impact on society, she has been a press representative for researchers and scientists, the United Nations, the European Commission and Google.

Rafaela Nicolazzi

Rafaela Nicolazzi is a partner at Idealists Quarterly. She is passionate about social impact, artistic creativity and innovative disruption.

Rafaela is an international lawyer and public policy professional specialised in tech policy, data governance and AI with Latin American and European regulators and policymakers. She is also one of the founders and advisory board members of Dínamo, a startup advocacy group.

Costina Mocanu

Costina Mocanu is the Idealists Quarterly social media lead. Trained as a cultural and linguistic mediator, she is specialised in global (trans)cultural and linguistic studies. Costina works as a communicator, digital storyteller and speaker, which she combines with her passion for cultural production in a global space, innovation, technology and education.

Lariza Castillo

Lariza Castillo helps organise the Idealists Quarterly’s in-person events. Her passion for the agri-food system transition and advocacy for young voices in decision-making processes has led her to work as a project officer at Generation Climate Europe, where she focuses on food-related topics. Lariza has a background on Environmental Engineering and is a Sustainable Development professional with experience in Latin-America, Asia, and Europe.

Arianna Labasin

Arianna Labasin helps organise the Idealists Quarterly’s in-person events. She works in the field of Government Affairs in Brussels, and is passionate about the interconnection between food systems, climate change, and sustainability. She is on the board of the Slow Food Youth Network and serves as an international Councillor for Slow Food. Arianna is a graduate in Law and Sustainable Development, with a previous background in Public Administration.


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