You’re invited: 22 June 2023, 6pm

Get ready to shake things up and connect with some incredible, passionate and impactful people.
Join us for our next event on 22 June, from 6pm in Brussels in BeCentral. We are excited to welcome you.

Make sure to register here.

The theme is going to be SYSTEMS CHANGE.


Edel Shanahan
An expert on a wide variety of topics in the environment world – from protected areas and marine ecosystems to deforestation-free supply chains and EU policy – Edel currently works as Technical Advisor at Sea Alarm.

Edel will speak about Nature as a system – because the goods and services we receive and depend on from nature are so much broader than “just” carbon.

Janique-ka John
Software engineer and founder of Women in Tech Caribbean – a network of 200+ members, promoting opportunities, job offers and scholarships. Janique-ka is an experienced software engineer, entrepreneur and an inaugural member of Twitter Developer Insiders.

Janique-ka will speak about Geographic divisions as a system – because plastic waste (to name one example) does not stay in the places where it was generated. Even the most remote places on the planet are interconnected with everywhere else.

Gabriela Chang Valdovinos
Chief Sustainability Officer and co-founder of EthicHub, founder of Women & Blockchain Spain and former organic coffee producer – giving a voice to millions of smallholder farmers, who are excluded from traditional financial, certification and carbon credit systems.

Gabriela will speak about Money as a system – because smallholder farmers are doing incredibly important work, yet are not connected to financial markets in the way they should.

Dominique Roch
Digital communication, marketing and transformation specialist – with a keen interest in sustainability.

Dominique will speak about Lifestyle as a system – because what is sustainable for one person (with certain life circumstances) will not be the most sustainable option for another (with a completely different set of life circumstances.

Run of event

  • 6pm: doors open + mingling.
  • 7pm – 7.30pm: Lightning talks by some impressive people
  • 7.30pm – 9pm: drinks + mingling.

This event is for people who

  • (Want to) work in policy, tech or sustainability.
  • Are passionate about improving the communities around them, open to collaboration.
  • All genders are welcome. Our goal is to support underrepresented groups including women of colour, members of the LGBTQI+ community, people with disabilities etc.
  • We particularly welcome people from diverse cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds, and we aim to accommodate any special needs. Write to us with any questions.

Don’t forget to register here – and see you soon!

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