What would YOU do, if you could?

So many of you joined us on 27 October to discuss how business and entrepreneurship can support sustainability and climate action.

Thank you for an inspiring evening!

If you couldn’t make it for the event, we’ve got you covered. The speakers’ talks are available on my podcast – listen on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts

  • Can companies change the world for the better? With Tino Chibebe  – a Venture Capital expert working at the intersection of entrepreneurship and impact, and author of The Black Opportunity.
  • How is deep tech different from other tech? With Aikaterini Liakopoulou – Business coach advising deep tech and clean tech startups, with experience in Venture Capital, Research and Development.
  • The power of stories: on boats, yachts and rafts. With Tamara Makoni – Inclusion expert and founder/CEO at Kazuri Consulting, helping leaders drive inclusion and empower diverse teams.

Soon to come:

What initiative would you start, if you could?

Before you head off, I want to encourage you to ruminate on this one question: If money, economic incentives and financial pressures weren’t an issue – what would you do to make the world a better place?

Imagine for example, if you had a buddy that could hook you up to some of that sweet venture capital money, with the sole purpose of creating a positive impact for the communities and ecosystems around us. What initiative would you want to create and implement?

I am very curious about what this question evokes in you, and what you are passionate about. Message me your wildcard ideas, imaginary initiatives, and potential future projects – for example via DM on Twitter or LinkedIn.

See you soon!

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