Welcome To Your Peer Mentorship Space

The concept is simple: drinks + fun + mutual mentorship. The goal is to help you develop a support system that will always have your back.

This is the newsletter accompanying my new peer mentorship space – a place for sharing, learning, supporting. I am so privileged to call many impressive, incredible and supportive women my friends.

In fact, they are so smart that I wish everyone could learn from their wisdom. Which is why I am setting up this peer mentorship space that brings together women+ from diverse sectors and backgrounds.

  • The immediate goal is to have fun.
  • The medium goal is to share stories, experiences and opportunities with each other.
  • The long term goal is to enable each of us in developing a community and support system that will always have our back. 
  • I explain a bit more about my idea of peer mentorship here in my podcast

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What to expect

In the coming weeks and months I will be asking your advice, if that’s ok.

You are able to write and comment in this document, where I am collecting ideas and developing the concept. Please feel free to leave me any of your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. There are no stupid questions, only ones that make obvious that something’s missing.

[Important disclaimer. If you are happy with receiving these letters, but don’t want to actively participate – because you don’t feel comfortable, or simply don’t have time – please know there is absolutely no need to justify yourself. Stressing people out is definitely not the goal of this exercise. But do know this: you are always able reach out, should you need anything.]

What am I planning?

Starting this year, I will organise regular drinks in Brussels, open for women (and interested men) who are interested or working in technology, policy, sustainability.

Some are just starting out, others have many years of experience, and yet others are doing a U-turn and redefining their lives and careers. It is absolutely and totally ok to join sometimes, and to not join other times – whatever your mood, it’s good.

The drink has 3 elements:

  • Short talk by one of the women or external guests (5-10 minutes). “Talk” is a big word – it’s more like a short introduction + a thought I wanted to share. More here.
  • Just drinks. It’s not really an “event”. It’s a bunch of amazing women having a drink with their friends, and getting to know friends of friends. Also: Alcohol is the most glorified drug in the world. If someone does not want to drink it, they are obviously equally welcome, with no questions asked.
  • Challenge or thought experiment, which may be related to the topic of the short talk. It can be tips on things that are difficult (salary negotiations, CV writing, interview prep, dealing with mansplaining, mental load in personal relationships, etc) + what you can do today to start getting into the habit of standing up for yourself. Attendees can entirely ignore the challenge, use it as a piece of smalltalk if needed, or simply reflect on it later if they want to. Not everything will resonate with everyone. Weird ideas here.

What can you do?

You are welcome to join for the drink. I will let you know when and where it happens. You can bring a friend, or three or five. You do not have to come to all drinks – whatever works for you is good.

If you are not based in Brussels, you can still participate remotely through these Newsletters, or any virtual events that might happen this year.

If you are interested to get involved, I am still looking for:

  • Thoughts. Anything that comes to mind to you about my plans – questions, suggestions, concerns, wild ideas – please shoot! And do feel free to tell your friends and get their reaction. This is a communal experiment, the more ideas the better. More here.
  • People to bounce some ideas and topics off of. Help with defining an editorial calendar, reaching out to speakers, media partners etc. Every single person is welcome to join with whatever interests you.
  • Venue. Current options are: Hackages, Brewdog, The nine. Other ideas?
  • Sponsors. I want to get us swag and make these drinks fancy. Potential sponsors could be companies for employer branding or hiring (Bluesquare, Le Wagon, Hackages, etc etc), other organisations or brands (Brussels beers project, Leonidas, etc). Any ideas welcome!
  • Channels. I don’t want to spam, so I want to be mindful about what the best channels to organise are. I will send 1 monthly Newsletter with helpful resources on a variety of topics and organise 1 monthly in-person drink.
    To whoever is interested in helping make this happen, I propose direct communication (whatsapp or other), and maybe you’ll allow me to invite you for coffee, lunch or a cocktail every now and then?

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All the very best and hope to see you soon 🍸


*** Addendum: this community later developed into the Idealists Quarterly. We’re glad you’re here! ***

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