What is Idealists Quarterly?

We are a community connecting impact-driven people in Tech, Policy, Sustainability in Brussels and beyond.

Our aims are to:

  • Connect impact-driven people across different sectors
  • Hold space for kindness, inclusion and re-energising
  • Amplify lesser heard voices and marginalised perspectives
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration

How does it work?

We organise regular in-person events in Brussels, attended by people at the intersection of Tech (big and small), Policy (EU, national, local), and Sustainability (NGOs, research, industry). Joining these events, you can look forward to inspiring lightning talks by a diverse speaker slate, quality networking and drinks.

Why do we do this?

The question is no longer whether we need to achieve social and climate justice — but how. A lot of people feel disconnected and powerless but we collectively have more influence and access than we realise.

Combining roots in different sectors, Idealists Quarterly is building spaces that help connect and empower change makers.

How to stay in touch?

We furthermore run a community newsletter with insights and resources.

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